Fish Blog for end of August 2019

Welcome Bloggers. This week’s blog will be short and to the point, or for me that means wandering down just a few of the back channels of my brain. One of the reasons for the shortened blog is our season, which, far from over, is switching gears into our winding down faze, with fall descending upon us. The other reason is the fear of sounding repetitious reporting the salmon bite. So here’s the repetitious part, the silver action this past week has stayed pretty consistent with the boats getting a few limits but averaging a very steady 12-18 fish per day. Not red hot, but ain’t bad either. See what I mean. The same report as the last 6 weeks, hot but not red hot. But here’s where things are different, the weather. We finally got some rain, which we’ve badly needed. I did a river trip last Thursday, the river, and I use the term loosely, was so low that I could cross it anywhere and barely get my ankles wet. All the pinks and Chums were holding at the mouth, waiting to get enough water to be able to spawn. No sign of Silvers yet, but without rain, there’s been nothing to draw them to the rivers. Now the other big change this past week, with the rains, the ocean went from having the Lion’s share of the Coho, to being almost vacant in a day. Now, the best Silver bite is in the inner bays like Emmons Island, and Rodman bay. And of course, the Coho are getting big with some really nice fish in the low teens. There are still some Kings around including a 35 pounder that Captain James brought in last week, big for this time of year. Although we’re out of our prime Chinook season, we’re still averaging 1-2 per boat a day, which isn’t bad for the end of the season. The king salmon return this year far exceeded the early season forecast, which means next year’s Chinook run should be even better. So that brings me about to the end of my reports for this year. With a little over a week left in our season, it’s time to call it a wrap. In a couple of weeks I’ll put out an end look at the season, and what to expect for next year. I want to thank each and every one of you that took the time to read my blog. It still catches me by surprise when a client would come up and say,” I loved reading your blog last week. For me, it was like, “no shit, someone actually read it”? I appreciate all the feedback and I’m always here for any questions or comments you may have. No, really, I get lonely, anybody there? As always, keep wishin’ to go fishin’. Thanks again Bruce


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