Blog for the first week of July 2019

This week has traditionally been the start of the commercial troll season and not coincidentally the beginning of the slowing of the King salmon run. Hmmmmm, I wonder why. My keen guide senses, expertly honed over 42 years of chasing the wily King tells me that they all die a horrible death at the hands of a commercial fisherman. But this year maybe, not so much. Good catches of chinook were had throughout the first 5 days of July, and at times, maybe not red hot, but pretty damn good numbers of salmon were caught. I guess it just goes to show you that it’s a big ocean out there, and there’s always opportunity. This week’s best story and catch occurred on the Ocean Shadow with one of our newest young Captains, Dylan Reinhart. Dylan is just a baby as Captains, but then again all my captains are babies. To me, anybody under 40 looks like they just got out of high school. Anyway, Dylan has obviously had been trained well. He had a one day charter with a husband and wife, Mike and Janna off a cruise ship. He headed out off outer Kruzof Island where he found conditions perfect in front of Pt. Amelia. After a short time in the water, Mike hooked what felt like a huge Salmon. The king fought hard, but after a long battle, they were able to land our biggest King of the season. A 50 pound slab! The boat also hooked a 30 pound king the second biggest chinook of the year also impressive. After that, they headed out and caught there Halibut and rockfish. Damn punk captains anyway. There getting harder to keep up with, or I guess I’m just getting older. Thank god I still have my good looks. The other news on the Salmon front is the start of the Coho run. This last week saw the catches of Silvers pick up a little steam, with a daily average of 6-10 fish per boat, along with a mix of Chums & pinks, often referred to as Halibut bait, and even a couple of tasty Sockeye salmon. Although this isn’t mind blowing numbers, it still puts us a head of last year’s game, and should improve as the month progresses. Halibut have also been doing better, and some monster sea Bass, called “cape Donkeys”, have been consistently hitting the decks, from where else, but the ‘Cape”. The other topic for discussion is the weather. We are going on 3 weeks of sun and no rain. With temperatures running in the mid to upper 60’s, which for us is the same as the lower 48’s - 90 degree days. We are starting to get really concerned. After all, we are in a rain forest, and if we don’t get rain pretty soon, they’re going to rename us the Southeast Alaska dessert. On the upside, my Farmers tan is looking pretty good. That’s about it for now. Hope to catch up next week for the latest edition of “let’s make a fish deal”.

No, seriously, we had a boat open up for August 10/11/12 due to illness. Know anybody looking for a good time, give us a call 907-747-7976

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