Blog for the first week in August 2019

I’m not sure if you noticed, but I didn’t do my blog last week. I heard from many of my devout blog fans, (I love you 2 guys) that yes, I did indeed not write a blog for the last week of July. I may have experienced what the professional writers call “writers block, but we in the blogger industry call it by its real name, “brain fart”, or in my case, I may just pull my old man card and tell you I just forgot. Anyway, in the interest in truth and honesty, which sometimes comes into question given my career choice, I just didn’t have much to write about. For the previous two weeks, if you’d have followed along, our Salmon fishing, with Silvers in particular, has been just OK at best. Sometimes showing promise with catches on the increase, only to have building enthusiasm blown out of the water by catches that were lacking in Coho. On the positive side, the King salmon bite has been awesome, with lots of fish around. There’s been a lot more Chinook showing up than what fish and game predicted. Unfortunately the down side of that is that we caught way more Kings than they thought we would and slammed the door shut on the taking of Kings starting August 1st. Normally, this would never be welcome news, but especially with silvers not showing in big numbers yet. The last 2 weeks Silvers have been spotty with an average 12-18 fish per boat. Not totally bad, but not the limits we’ve been accustom to traditionally. However the last few days fishing has been less than that with a 6-10 fish average per day. This hasn’t been all the fishes’ fault. The weather has been less than cooperative with some big wind and wave days. There is still plenty of time for the main herd to show so were not sweating yet, but we’ve got all our fingers and toes crossed. I’m going to draw from my vast years of inexperience and say that my blog curse will probably kick in. Not familiar with the blog curse you say? If I blog about tough fishing, it seems to instantly improve. I’m sure there’s probably lots of science to back that up. It’s fishing guide science which is very accurate. Well, that’s about all for now. Tune in next week when I will explain why Golf is an evil sport or hopefully I’ll have something more uplifting like, oh! I don’t know, a hot fishing report would work. Stay safe and keep wishin’ to go fishin’ Bruce


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