Blog for the 2nd week of August 2019

Well, it kind of worked out as predicted. Write a blog about tough fishing, and almost instantly, BOOM, smoking hot Coho bite. As I was laying down last week’s blog, the Silvers were massing in the shadow of mount Edgecombe, waiting, not eating, and avoiding our best efforts to trick them with our delicious headless herring. But somehow they knew, and wouldn’t be fooled, because the curse of the blog was just around the corner, and no sooner did my blog hit the press than it was mass suicide by the Coho populations. Limits were had by all in short order and for the next 5 days the bite stayed strong. Now I suppose that that could be contributed to the natural cycle of the salmons urge to spawn and just a strong wave of fish on their migration route, but personally I believe the curse of the blog was the reason why. My Mojo is strong even if it is slightly misplaced. The Silvers have been healthy also with a solid 8-10lb average and some chunker’s up to 16 lbs. Not to throw water on the Coho fire, yesterday’s catch was a little slower with still good numbers but no limits. So I’m thinking if I wrote a bad blog, that maybe that would spur a hot bite, on the other hand, the fish might sense that it was bull and call my bluff. I’m starting to confuse myself so I’ll leave it be. What I really think is happening is this year all of our Salmon runs have been behind schedule and on an average around 2 weeks late, and even though there’s always peaks and valleys in there migrations, I believe the run is still building and should continue to get better. Time will tell. Our weather continues to be sunny and ocean conditions are great. We defiantly could use some rain however, if we hope to have enough water in the creeks for the fish to spawn. It’s kind of important ya know. I have some stream fishing trips coming up and could use a little water. As a side note, I have finished my run on the Huntress for the year, and have decided that I will not be returning to her in the future but will instead devote all my energies into my first love, (if you don’t include Peggy, Silki, and Teak) of helping manage our lodge and day boat operations and also promote more stream fishing options for our guest. Our core ocean fishery will still be our meat and potatoes, but, by adding an extra day of stream fishing it might just be the thing to spice up your Alaska adventure. That’s about it for now. Tune in next week for the latest edition of “Let’s make a Fish deal”. Till then, keep wishin’ to go fishin’. Bruce


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