Blog for Second week of July 2019Blog for Second week of July 2019

This is as far as I have gotten in the last hour for this week’s blog. What to write about, has left me in a quandary. Is fishing good? Yea, it’s good, not great, but just kind of average. Does it suck? (Technical guide term for really poor fishing) Not really. Yes, there’s been some days where Kings or Coho have been hard to find, but overall, nowhere near a skunk status. Yesterday, (Sunday) the boats found some pretty good Chinook fishing with a couple of nice Kings in the upper 20s, lower 30s, off of Pt Amelia and Fortuna. But Silvers were almost nonexistent in these areas. Meanwhile; at the same time, off of Cape Edgecombe, There was a pretty good Coho bight going on, not quite a white hot bite, but somewhere between a good to red hot bite. Catch rates on Silvers have been hovering somewhere around 8-14 fish per boat, which means we’ve had some limits but there has also been some 3-6 fish days a well. With every passing day however, more and more fish seem to be showing up off our coast. So, you see my problem? This week’s blog is about exciting as going to the doctor for that test where the first thing he or heaven forbid, she says is bend ……………, (RUN). I guess if you look at it that way, this week’s blog is pretty darn good. On a different but related note, let’s talk about the weather. This past week saw probably the calmest, flattest ocean I’ve ever seen here. We’re talkin’ glass smooth surface, 0 wind, and a massive 2’ swell, for the whole week. And no rain! As a matter of fact, in the last month, we haven’t had any more than .05/100 of an inch of rain. Hey folks, we live in a rain forest. And what do you need for a rain forest, besides slugs that is? Yes, RAIN. If things don’t change soon, we’re going to get some new species around here, Tumble weeds and lizards. But fear not, Monday, and for the next 10 days, has nothing but rain in the forecast. I can hardly wait. Well, that’s about it for now folks. Next week, we will have some smokin’ hot bites to write about. Thanks for tuning in. Bruce


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