Blog for 3rd week of July 2019

Good morning campers, and faithful followers of Bruce’s fish blog, which translated means, I’ve got nutin’ better to do and I’m bored. Don’t look for any exciting gory details in this week’s fairy tale because it’s almost identical to last week’s storyline. As we left off last week, the courageous Captains of the Horizon West fleet, ventured forth in hot pursuit of the denizens of the deep, (they went fishing). They looked high, they looked low, and they found fish in good numbers off the Cape on one day, only to scratch there the next day. They’ve had some pretty good days, but not lights out. In a nut shell, sometimes mistaken for my head, Fishing is just OK, averaging around 12-20 Coho per boat per day. Damn good for anyplace else but Sitka where that’s considered, “just OK”. On the bright side, King catches have been great. Captain Trevon on Ocean Echo landed 12 on Saturday. All the other boats found plenty as well. The average size of the Kings has been good, with 16-18lbs being the norm and at least 2 kings bonked over 30 pounds. Unfortunately, because our Chinook fishery has turned out better than they predicted, they’re closing it down August 1st. Oh well, it’s just nice having fish to catch again. Bottom dwelling for ugly but tasty critters has continued to be consistent with lots of big “Cape Donkey Sea Bass”, and flat things abounding for those plying the briny deep. Weather has finally started acting more “Southeast” with rain, sun and overcast sometimes all in the same day. There has also been an occasional Ocean lump, but not up to, “I thought I was gonna die” kind of lump. So, as you can see, the week was just, “Normal”. Until the next report, Keep wishin’ to go fishin’. Also if you get a chance, check out some of Captain Marks videos on you tube. They are really good!!! Bruce


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