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Bruce’s Blog for first Week in June 2019


Well, it might not be as earth shattering as all that, however, after last year’s (shall we call it kind of poopy) King season, it’s starting out almost fantastic. How’s that for a stellar review.  The King salmon fishing is kind of hard to explain right now. I mean we’re finding schools of fish, like the old days, where you’re hooking doubles and triples, but then the boat next to you can’t seem to buy a fish. I’d say most of the time (like 70%) the crews are returning to the docks with limits of Chinook plus all the bottom dwelling (ugly as your sisters boyfriends dog) but tasty white meated critters.                                                                                                                                  


But, you can also have a good boat, great Captain (as they all are) good crew, who they all think they are, hit the dock with zero Kings, while basically fishing the same areas. This tells me that we do have more salmon this year, and we are seeing schooling fish, (sometimes referred to as herds by those that are sophisticated). We didn’t see enough Kings last year to form any kind of a school. In fact, last year, 2 kings was considered a herd, 3 Kings was a massive herd. There is also lots of water that looks more like a dessert than a biologically target rich ocean environment.                                                                                                                                                 

If you weren’t confused before you started reading this, and you’re not now, I’m impressed.

Some of the highlights for the week: 

The Don Rhyne boys, a group that been with us for over 27 years, got most of their Chinook and everything else that swims in the ocean on their trip with Captain James.                                                                                                                                 


Then there was Julie Herak and Alex Dunn, fishing on Ocean Echo with one of our new Captains, Trevon Sater, who did kill limits of everything each day. They are now planning to come back in early September and try our Salt and river Silver Salmon combo.                                                  


Then, there was the “Pure Fishing boys”. All of the Penn Rods and reels, line and pretty much everything we use up here is supplied by them.  Well, these talented and lucky boys got limits of Chinook on their first day, including some doubles, limits of kings on their second day, including a triple header, and on their 3rd day, (see how this is building to a climax), they hooked a 5 banger, and even more miraculously landed all of them! Of course they got there halibut every day but these gentlemen, being tightly linked to the Bass industry, (some refer to them as ditch Pickles), couldn’t wait to hit the kelp beds for lots of fast top water action.


Good fun and good eating, multi-tasking at its finest.

The weather has been just short of fantastic this last week. I measure it by my driveway. If I see cars driving by and leaving a dust cloud, I know the weather is good. “Very scientific”.

That’s about it for now, we still have a few dates left in July, 17/18/19 is the best, and in the end of august, or our end of August/ early September Salt/river Silver Salmon combos, which might be something, for you all that have been with us a bunch, might want to try. Lots of fun!


Don’t forget, KEEP WISHiN’ TO GO FISHiN’,    See Ya



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