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Bruce’s Blog for June 30, 2019


This week’s blog is titled, “The good, the bad, and the ugly”.  Which, in a nut shell, somewhat resembles my brain, the fishing was pretty hot, then it was not, and I’m still not good to look at. I thank my stars every year that Peggy’s eyesight doesn’t improve.

The long version is, for the most part, King salmon angling was pretty hot, but then you also had some gaps in there where the ocean, in our part of the universe, seemed barren. A lot of it has to do with timing and placement. For example, this past week on the Huntress, with the Truman/ Vestal group, our first day out we hit a hot King bite limited out and lost a bunch of fish all in a half hour. Smokin’ right?  Well, the next few days, for 10 hours of fishing, 2 Kings total. This gave me cause to reassess my career choice. Luckily, we went inland and harvested a bunch of trophy Spot prawns and had a great river trip on Eva creek to make a great all-around trip. 


That is about what the catch was like this past 2 weeks, Mostly limits, but real scratchy at times.  That’s about as mushy a report that I can come up with. I know it’s not earth shattering, but at least compared to last year’s report at this time, we do have Salmon to talk about. The only photos of Chinook that we could post last year, we had to use crayons and make our own fish.

We’ve been patiently waiting for the arrival of the early “Coho”. As of about a week ago, they did arrive. Well, at least a couple of lost souls. Catches overall have still been light, with a 2-4 per boat a day average. As of yesterday they’re steadily increasing.


Captain James, on the Rukus, with the Ken Blankenship group, came in yesterday with the best Salmon catch of the year so far. Four Kings, 11 Silvers, and 2 Sockeye!  It was so foggy out there that he couldn’t really tell where he was, but we as fishing guides do our best work when we’re lost, and Captain James proved it! Based on his great success over the years, I’d say he is lost most of the time.

As for the bottom fish report – (usually a standard, “it was great this past week”, was actually just OK. Halibut was a little more difficult to find and a little spotty overall. That being said, limits were still the rule, and with the commercial troll opener starting tomorrow, expected to improve.                                                                                                                                             

Captain Kyle on Ocean Storm, had an impressive catch of giant Sea Bass. Locally referred to as “Cape Donkeys” that averaged close to 8 lbs. Captain James also had some hot and heavy top water action on Bass in the kelp beds on top water baits. Way too much fun!


Well, that’s about it for now. My eyes are starting to cross, and my one typing finger, is getting soar. Until next time, keep tuning in and “keep wishin’ to go fishin”


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