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Bruce’s Blog for June 17, 2019


You know, I’ve never been a big believer of ghost, things that go bump in the night, Voodoo (Well, except for those voodoo doughnuts - Maple bars with bacon on top. They really do exist and they are yummy!) Or the paranormal, like what happens when the hair on top of your head suddenly disappears and two years later, you discover a mustache of sorts growing out of your ears, has never really spooked me. But last week, there was something going on in our universe, that made me reevaluate.

In our last episode, Our Heroes, Captains of the salty brine, Conquerors of denizens of the deep, had just put a thrashing on the King Salmon- hooking doubles, triples, and even a 5 banger. Everything was looking awesome for salmon fisherman around the world, or at least in the Sitka neighborhood.


On Sunday night, I posted my blog…  


Monday morning emerged from darkness, weather change in the air, but with salmon lust in their hearts, Our Fish warriors descended upon the water with high expectations. They fished hard, looking high and low for the elusive Chinook salmon. Only to return some hours later, with heads hung low.(After all, boats the prior day, had limits of Kings in less than a ½ hour for some boats) but this day not one salmon made its way to our fileting table. It was a little unsettling to say the least. And not just our boats. I think there was maybe one King caught on the whole dock. Just as quick, the following day, out of the blue, the Salmon return! Gracing our dock with their chrome sides, and blank stares.

Some might contribute this change of events to, a change of weather, rapidly dropping barometer or bad tides, but the ol’ time Captains, the ones that have seen a thing or two ( the ones that don’t have hair on their heads) know better. I’m just sayin’, there’s something in the water.

As for the rest of the week, our Chinook efforts were more challenging, with the herds of salmon scattering in the ocean, and limits hard to find. Ever optimistic, however, there should be a new wave of Kings headed this way.


Bottom dwellers of all kinds, although not as news worthy, have still been consistent and good.

That’s about all I have to report this week. Next week I’ll be jumping on (I haven’t jumped on anything for quite a while), the Huntress for the next 9 weeks. I will still blog from time to time but Captain Mark will fill in the blanks. Between the two of us, hope to keep you up to date and informed.                                                                                                                                                 

Unlike yours truly, his blogs probably make sense.


Till the next time, KEEP WISHiN’ TO GO FISHiN’, 



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