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Sitka, Alaska

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Sitka, Alaska is a place of rare beauty, abundant wildlife and spectacular fishing.


We are a world-class fishing destination and home to robust populations of King salmon, Coho salmon, halibut, ling cod and a dozen other species.


Sitka's a close and complete travel adventure with a long list of things to do throughout the summer. Horizon West Charters is the premiere Alaska fishing guide service and your host to unrivaled adventure and splendor.



King Salmon, also known as Chinook, swarm Sitka’s Coast line in the early spring and stay to feed on Herring and Candle Fish throughout the summer. The largest numbers can be found in late May and the entire month of June.


Coho Salmon, also known as Silver Salmon, start to show themselves in late June and build in numbers through the month of July and August. These fish feed aggressively on Herring and Candle Fish until mid-September when they make their way up river to spawn.


Lingcod are an aggressive predator that spend their time near rock pinnacles and ledges to feed on the abundant variety of rockfish, baitfish, and octopus that live in these waters. Lings can be found throughout the year in Sitka.

Yelloweye Rockfish are one of the most recognizable fish we catch. There is no mistaking that bright orange body and of course the big yellow eyes! We catch these fish throughout the summer in Sitka, however, they are a slow growing fish that are susceptible to over harvest so periodic catch-and-release only periods of time may be installed by Alaska Fish & Game.